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15 Jan 2019

Branding - Brand Culture

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” - Michael Jordan.

To have a collective culture within a company is vital to a company’s success is a well-known fact. Building that culture is far harder as it involves so many things including creating a culture that is in tune with the aims and values of the business, ensuring it is not too personal to the leaders, as well as coping with the personalities of those working in the business. Culture can be further diluted when new staff bring cultural ideals from another employer into the workplace.

One way to build the culture a company desires is through staff loyalty to the brand.  Team working is productive and a belief in the brand will help the team gel. Brand guidelines might seem an insignificant thing in the building of a culture, but they can be all powerful.  Brand guidelines (brand rules & ethos) can be used as a soft sell to get the staff to understand better the company’s values and why they lead the brand, securing their jobs and the future of the business. Using those guidelines on a regular basis is a good way to quietly instil the values and ensure the brand is fully understood. (For more information on Brand Management click here)

Your staff are some of your best ambassadors and so it is vital that the company culture and brand use methodology is fully understood, allowing them to promote the business with confidence, while coming together under one culture. As said, it is an intelligent team that wins championships.

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