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10 Jan 2019

Branding - Brand Management

Managing a brand is important to maintain the integrity of the brand, the perception by customers and the loyalty to the brand.

To manage effectively you must have a set of rules, normally known as brand guidelines or style guides. These rules must be drawn up with a great deal of thought so that they can be used practically in all applications and are clear to those outside the brand or marketing teams. Every level of employee needs to buy into, understand and adhere to the guidelines for your brand to thrive. A wise method is for marketing to present the guidelines to management, if not to the whole work force, to ensure the information genuinely percolates down and to ensure that the guidelines are understood, the value of their use appreciated and is not just an edict from on high. (For more information on Brand Guidelines click here)

The guidelines should always be easily accessible, either printed or on the company’s intranet. The marketing team or external agency should ensure that they can answer questions on the use of the brand, now and into the future. The marketing team should also do an annual review to ensure that all the elements, previously mentioned, are still fit for purpose and in place.

To build a brand is expensive, to write guidelines is time consuming but then to ignore those guidelines is madness.

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