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28 August 2020

Brand Identity - Changes in Brand Values and Company Culture

The coronavirus pandemic has caused the world to re-think the company workplace. Working from home became the normality for huge numbers of people across the globe, and as the world starts to emerge from lockdown, working from home for many still remains the norm. This has resulted in many businesses having to rethink their views towards company culture.

The workplace is an essential element towards building company culture, but due to the current virtual world, many of these values are becoming lost as the workforce gets used to working remotely. The same could be said for brand values, with companies having to adapt and take their brand values from a physical interaction to an online story.

The following are 5 ways in which the work-from-home workplace can adapt to deal with brand values and company culture.

1. Video Interactions

We’ve all experienced somewhat difficult online meetings during this pandemic where technology and band width decides as to whether you appear articulate or not. You are not alone, and therefore aside from the content of the meeting, employees should embrace the interaction with their colleagues or customers. It is this important face-to-face exchange that helps to portray your companies brand values and culture. As the pandemic progresses, online meetings will become the norm, technology will advance, and interactions will be more natural. As a result, conveying your brand online will become the new norm.

2. Creativity

The virtual world has put limits on ideas generation. Where group discussions, whiteboards and blue-sky meetings within the workplace would all help to generate ideas and understanding of brand values, online meetings often limit the collective voice. By encouraging these to be workshops rather than formal meetings, it will encourage creativity and 100% participation.

3. Health

Long periods of time working from home is an unhealthy work pattern if left uncontrolled. In the workplace environment, movement between other areas of the building is commonplace. These movements should be replicated within the home environment to help combat stress and aid your personal well-being. Making a drink, walking up and downstairs, or even virtually-engaging with other members of the team is a creative way of encouraging well-being and helping to build a sense of company culture within a home environment.

4. Innovation

Many companies have been working from home for many years now, resulting in effective and maintained productivity. However, as a result of the current pandemic, the call for innovation to help employees engage with other members of the team is now more determined than ever. The day to day world of business has been turned upside down recently, and employees want to feel the energy from their colleagues and feel good about how and where they work. This is where company culture is more important now than ever.

5. Stories

Strong brands are built on emotions and stories connected with those products or services. The coronavirus pandemic has given us all time to think and reflect. As companies start to get back to work, those brand values may have altered. Priorities have changed from what they were a few months ago. Companies need to adapt and update their brand values accordingly to reflect the ever-changing world post-Covid19 and make sure that the stories their employees tell are relevant to today’s marketplace.

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